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Why do I need an updated website?

A website is a place where interested customers can learn more about your business; however, an outdated website or a website that does not properly interact with your client could cause you to lose a potential customer. You want your potential customer to have as much information as possible and have a great experience.

How can a mobile marketing plan help my business?

A mobile marketing plan will help you get to know who your customers are by collecting mobile numbers and email addresses to help drive additional business. You are able to offer them incentives for visiting your business, connecting with you on social media, or even giving you a 5 STAR review. You could also reward them with something for free or at a discount the more they spend with you.

How hands-off can I be using your services?

We encourage you to leave the marketing expertise to us, so that you will be able to service the influx of repeated business once you sign up for our services.  

Should I use a landing page instead of a website?

They both can serve the same purpose; however, a landing page will give the most important information, capture the customer’s information, and allow them to contact you for more information.

How can your Ad Management service help my business?

We will discuss with you how many more customers your business can handle, your budget, and when you want to begin receiving those customers.  We will run SPECIFIC and TARGETED ad campaigns on your behalf to get those customers to your business or phones ringing.

Why should I choose Cyber Groupie Digital Agency over a different agency?

You want an agency that is LOCAL, well versed in the area, and able to offer services that are FRESH and APPEALING to consumers.  Our experienced Small Business Recovery Specialists have researched which services that will set businesses apart and ahead of their competitors and can be offered at a price point that no other agency, locally, can touch.